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Before we offer any of the hundreds of flower and vegetable seed varieties to the marketplace, we undergo extensive trial gardening at the Veseys Research Farm in beautiful York, Prince Edward Island. Spread over forty acres of prime agricultural land, our test plots are a gardeners' paradise.

Our Field Trials Team, headed by Angus Mellish, have spent untold hours in our test fields - growing, observing and recording the results of each seed variety we offer to you. Their commitment to quality assurance is the foundation on which we offer our Vesey’s Down-to-Earth Guarantee.

Constantly testing new and existing varieties for their reaction to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions, our observations and knowledge is based on this first hand information. A valuable asset to both the home and commercial grower, this ongoing research guarantees our customer that Vesey’s Seeds has proven experience with each and every item we sell. Working in conjunction with our trials team, our laboratory tests all seed for germination and vigor. This constant monitoring ensures that Vesey’s Seed meets or exceeds Canada No. 1 standards.