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Fall 2017 Fundraising Order Form

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Supply can only be guaranteed for orders received by October 15th, 2017.

* Delivery Bags

We provide FREE Bags for your deliveries. Please order one for each of your customers.

Shipping & Handling is free.

L'approvisionnement peut seulement être garanti pour les commandes reçues
avant le 1 octobre 2017.

*Sacs de livraison

Nous vous offrons des sacs GRATUITS pour vos livraisons. Veuillez en
commander un pour chaque client.

L'expédition et la manutention sont gratuites.


Orders must be received no later than October 15th, 2017
Item # Vesey # Description Quantity Your Cost
DB FREE Delivery Bags $0.00
A Magic Moon Garden $10.00
B Regal Splendor Purple Garden $10.00
C Reall Really Red Garden $10.00
D Pretty in Pink Garden $10.00
E Purple Sensation Allium $7.00
F Mixed Windflowers $6.00
G Mixed Snow Crocus $6.00
H Giant Yellow Daffodils $7.50
I Red & Yellow Tulip Mix $6.00
J Rembrandt Mixed Tulips $6.00
K White Daffodil Blend $7.50
L Sixty Days of Tulips $7.50
M Tete A Tete Daffodils $5.00
N Drumstick Allium $5.00
O Mixed Hyacinths $6.00
P Fireworks Allium $7.00
Q Snowy Greetings Wrap $5.00
R Pepprmint Candy Wrap $5.00
S Snowball Wrap $5.00
T Bulb Planter $4.50
U Christmas Vacation Wrap $5.00
V Red Holiday Wrap $5.00
W Emoji Christmas Wrap $5.00
X Purple Passion Tulip Blend $6.00
Y Pink Buttercups $5.00
Z Glory of the Snow $5.00
AA Double Daffodil Duo $7.50
BB Summer Bulb Garden (50) $15.00
CC Summer Bulb Garden (100) $25.00
DD Pastel Mix Hyacinths $6.00
EE Pastel Tulips Mix $6.00
FF Appleblossom Tulips Mix $7.50
GG Foxtrot Double Tulips $7.50
HH Iris Reticulata 'Joyce' $7.00
II Rock Garden Allium Mix $6.00
JJ Wood Hyacinth Mix $7.00
KK Dutch Iris Mix $6.00
LL Two Tray Sprouter $10.00
MM Broccoli Sprouts $3.00
NN Alfalfa Sprouts $3.00
OO Healthy Herb Garden $5.00
PP Summer Savoury Cookbook $7.50
QQ Stainless Steel Bowls $10.00
RR Nylon Tool Collection $5.00
TT Bulb Dibber $4.00