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Growing Guide

The Veseys Growing Guide is filled with useful pointers and advice for planting your garden. From Vegetables to Flowers, Roses to Fruit, it is jam packed with information in one convenient location! Growing Guide »

Reference Material

Looking for information on Hardiness Zones? Frost Dates? Pest management? You'll find information on those things and more in our online reference section. We've even included a few of our favourite recipes! Reference Material »

Gardening Photos

There's no one more proud than a happy gardener. Our customers take pride in sending in photos of their various gardening endeavours. We're proud of them too and wish to share some of their submissions. Gardening Photos »

Contest Winners

View the winners and results of the various contests we run throughout the year at Veseys. Contest Winners »

Mantis Tiller


Lightweight, but powerful enough to till through sod and compact soil. The unique, patented serpentine tines turn soil into a fine texture, ready for planting. At 20 pounds, it's easy to carry - to the shed, to the car, or to your neighbor who can't wait to try it! Great for senior and urban, small space gardeners.

 Mantis Tiller »