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Bulb & Perennial Storage and Planting Information

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Plant the bulbs as soon as possible, after you receive your shipment. Refer to Veseys Growing Guide for guidelines as to when and how you should plant. If you cannot plant the bulbs immediately, remove the bulbs from plastic bags and put them on tray with damp peat moss or sawdust in a cool, wel-ventilated place until you have a chance to plant them. Do not let the bulbs freeze. Plant outdoors when the conditions are right for your hardiness zone.


Dormant Bare Roots:

We usually ship perennials to you in their dormant state, that is: bare roots, usually without leaves, in bags of loose peat moss. They may have some shoots beginning to grow. It is very important to plant these dormant perennials as soon as possible after you receive them. If it is absolutely necessary to store them for a short time before planting them, open the cartons and any plastic that is around the roots. If the roots appear dry, soak them for a few hours in warm water. Thereafter store in slightly moist peat moss in a cold, but not freezing location until you can plant. They can also be placed in pots of soil if planting will be delayed for more than 2 weeks. Use any packaged, peat-based potting soil and pots with drainage holes.

Non-Dormant Plants in Pots:

Some Perennials will be shipped to you from our greenhouses. They will be in pots and may have actively growing green leaves. These pots should be immersed in water upon arrival to thoroughly soak the root ball. These growing plants must be hardened off before planting outside. Keep in a cool bright room, and place outside on mild days and gradually leave outside for longer periods of time. After a week or so, or when nightime temperatures are above freezing, plant outside. If a severe dip in temperature is expected, you may want to place straw or an old blanket over the green leaves to protect them from severe damage. Frost or cold will not permanently hurt the plant, but it may damage the new leaves and set growth back.