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  • Image of Candyland Red Tomatoes Candyland Red Tomatoes

    Early ripening currant tomato. The first currant tomato to win an All-American Selection award. This hybrid indeterminate plant produces a very high yield of 100+ tiny, red, super sweet fruit with ... more »

  • Image of Veseys Favourite Tomato Collection Veseys Favourite Tomato Collection

    Here is a collection of some of the best tasting tomatoes we carry. Our trials staff selected these varieties especially for you! Includes 4 pkgs, one each of Duchess, Lemon Boy, Big Beef and Golden ... more »

  • Image of Tumbling Tom Tomato Tumbling Tom Tomato

    Best variety for hanging baskets. Cascades of sweet, juicy, cherry tomatoes. Don’t let the compact, trailing habit fool you. Tumbling Tom is a heavy yielder of beautiful bright red cherry tomatoes. ... more »

  • Image of Bobcat Tomato Bobcat Tomato

    \nExcellent main season beefsteak. Beautiful, firm beefsteak tomatoes on a very healthy and vigorous determinate plant. This hybrid sets juicy red tomatoes of uniform shape and size. Average weight is ... more »

  • Image of Duchess Tomato Duchess Tomato

    \nPerfect round red tomatoes. Very early and productive hybrid in our trials. Vigorous, dwarf plants produce 6 oz fruit in clusters of 4-5 that are the perfect size for quartering in salads. High ... more »

  • Image of Think Pink Tomato Think Pink Tomato

    Super flavour and beautiful glossy pink tomatoes. Everyone who saw Think Pink in our trials was drawn to the outstanding, beefsteak sized, deep pink coloured tomatoes on a vigorous indeterminate plan ... more »

  • Image of Tomatoberry Garden Tomato Tomatoberry Garden Tomato

    Unique strawberry shape and delicious flavour. Tomatoberry Garden is a customer favourite, with juicy sweet tomatoes. Beautiful glossy fruit is borne in long hanging clusters of up to 25-30 tomatoes. ... more »

  • Image of Blight Resistant Tomato Collection Blight Resistant Tomato Collection

    A collection of 3 varieties that have very good resistance to late blight. Contains 3 pkgs, one each of Mountain Magic (Cherry), Defiant (Beefsteak) and Plum Regal (Paste) Tomatoes. more »

  • Image of Tiny Tim Tomato Tiny Tim Tomato

    Miniature cherry tomatoes. Dwarf plants are literally loaded with small, firm red fruit about 1 inch in diameter. Extremely early, 55 days from transplanting. Approx. 150 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of Juliet Tomato Juliet Tomato

    An All America Selection winner. Produces beautiful red saladette type tomatoes on a vigorous vine. Juliet yields 1-2 oz tomatoes with great flavour and the meatiness of a saladette tomato. The fruit ... more »

  • Image of Miracle Gro Tomato Food Miracle Gro Tomato Food

    The top choice for your favourite garden crop. Specially formulated for tomatoes and vegetables. You can trust Miracle-Gro® to produce superior results throughout your garden rewarding you with a ... more »

  • Image of Bumble Bee Mix Tomato Bumble Bee Mix Tomato

    Vigorous and colourful! Beautiful striped cherry tomatoes with superb texture and taste. Excellent crack resistance and vigorous foliage. Nice clusters which are easy to pick. This mix of pink, purpl ... more »

  • Image of Chocolate Tomato Chocolate Tomato

    Deep colour and complex flavour. A really unique heirloom tomato with incredible flavour and colour. Chocolate cherry produces very deep purple cherry tomatoes on a large indeterminate plant. Very ... more »

  • Image of Primo Red Tomato Primo Red Tomato

    \nBest early beefsteak. Primo Red has large, firm, deep red fruit with smooth, mild flavour. This determinate hybrid grows on a compact open plant and will supply you with numerous uniformly sized ... more »

  • Image of Sugary Tomato Sugary Tomato

    Sweet, pink grape. The name tells you just how sweet and delicious these All America Selection winning tomatoes are. The ½ oz crack resistant fruits are produced in clusters of up to 15-20 on ... more »

  • Image of Sweet Million Tomato Sweet Million Tomato

    Bright red cherry tomatoes. Early maturing clusters of tiny fruit are well rounded, deep red in colour with a delicious sweet flavour. Tolerance to cracking and good holding qualities. Tall ... more »

  • Image of Veseys Mosaic Mix Tomato Veseys Mosaic Mix Tomato

    Rainbow blend of our favourite cherry and grape tomatoes. All the varieties in the mix pack an incredible amount of flavour into tiny packages. With the range of colours, they are as beautiful as they ... more »

  • Image of Big Beef Tomato Big Beef Tomato

    \nBig tomatoes, big customer favourite. The name says it all. This hybrid Italian beefsteak produces high yields of large 10-12 oz ‘beefy’ fruits that have great flavour for such a large tomato. ... more »

  • Image of Stackable Tomato Ladders Stackable Tomato Ladders

    \nAs featured on The Marilyn Dennis Show 2012 Spring Bonanza!\n \nWe've improved our popular Tomato Ladders as a result of our ongoing tests in the garden. Still produced with durable 7mm steel ... more »

  • Image of Hinged Tomato Cage Hinged Tomato Cage

    These heavy-duty zinc-plated steel cages are strong enough to support full grown vines loaded with tomatoes. The big 20cm square openings make it extremely easy to reach in and pick ripe fruit. The ... more »

  • Image of Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets

    Small discs of compressed peat encased in a thin plastic net increase in size 7 times to a height of 2 1/8" by 1¾" in width, minutes after water has been added. Ideal for starting most ... more »

  • Image of SRM Red Mulch SRM Red Mulch

    SRM-Red is a durable plastic which lays well over flat or raised beds. Studies have shown that 'red' enhances growth and yield of crops such as tomatoes and strawberries. Red mulch reflects ... more »

  • Image of Self Watering Stand-Up Garden Self Watering Stand-Up Garden

    Bad back… troublesome knees? Our standing Garden lets you tend you plants in complete comfort – no bending or stooping. Grow salad greens, herbs or even tomatoes on your deck or patio. Our ... more »

  • Image of Starter Combi Pak #3 Starter Combi Pak #3

    When we introduced this conveniently sized Combi Pak in our retail store, we sold out within a short time. This popular item features eighteen 3½" growing pots which are perfect for ... more »

  • Image of Stellar Tomato Stellar Tomato

    Blight resistant, all round useful tomato. Stellar produces high yields of medium sized 5-7 oz round red tomatoes. These slicers are perfect for all your tomato uses. Excellent flavour, great raw or ... more »

  • Image of Toma Verde Tomatillo Toma Verde Tomatillo

    \nThe Mexican favourite for cooking authentic green salsa sauce! Grown like regular tomatoes, tomatillos have a papery husk. Indeterminate growth habit. Maturity about 70 days from transplanting. ... more »

  • Image of Big Brandy Tomato Big Brandy Tomato

    \nFlavourful pink beefsteaks. Big Brandy is a cross of two heirlooms (Big Dwarf and Brandywine) resulting in an improved tomato variety loaded with great flavour and improved appearance. Slice and ... more »

  • Image of Brandywine Organic Tomato Brandywine Organic Tomato

    \nThe standard for heirloom tomato flavour. Well known for its size and exotic, sweet, tomato flavour. Open pollinated. Compact indeterminate growth habit produces large fruit with a pinkish red fles ... more »

  • Image of Buffalo Steak Tomato Buffalo Steak Tomato

    \nMeaty fruit and great flavour. This hybrid beef steak tomato was very productive in our trials. This indeterminate has good resistance to TMV, Verticullium and Fusarium Wilt. Produces large fruit ... more »

  • Image of Cherry Bomb Organic Tomato Cherry Bomb Organic Tomato

    Late blight resistant. Vigorous hybrid indeterminate plants produce high yields of uniform, vivid red fruit. Cherry Bomb has a classic cherry flavour; firm, sweet and well balanced. this tomato is ... more »

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