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Seed starting doesn't get easier than this!

Our reusable seed propagator is excellent for gardeners wishing to get a head start on the season. Constructed from plastic and polystyrene, this unit has an added feature of a water reservoir which automatically supplies water to your seedlings for up to a week. The greenhouse cover retains heat and moisture for faster germination; the capillary mat automatically soaks up water to the base of the seedlings and the insulated growing tray provides even temperatures for the production of strong vigorous roots. We've fallen in love with this amazing propagator from Great Britain and recommend it as a true gardener's friend.

40 Cell Propagator measures 9"W x 14"L x 3½"H.

Replacement Capillary Mat measures 9" wide and can be used at full size for the 40 Cell Propagator.

Item # Description Price Quantity
40 Cell
Replacement Capillary Mats
Package of 3