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Certified Organic Products

Certified Organic Products

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Veseys is certified as a shipper/handler of organic seed. Organic agriculture is not only good business; it is also the key to biodiversity, healthy soil and the understanding of our garden and farm ecosystems. Veseys is pleased to offer you this selection of certified organic seed - seed which has been produced under strict guidelines which govern the production of certified organic products.

Building Your Soil: The key to successful organic gardening is to build healthy soil. By planting cover crops, legumes and adding lots of compost, you can regain a healthy soil ecosystem which results in healthier plants.

For growers who require documentation for their certification reviews see our printable GMO-free document.

In the event that an organic product is not available, we will substitute with untreated seed of a similar variety.

Please phone us at 1-800-363-7333 for information and pricing for larger sizes.