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Baby Moon Cafe Daylily

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Fragrant blossoms and perfect flower form. Creamy butter-yellow, diamond dusted flowers with a narrow, wine-purple eye. Phenomenal, easy to grow perennial. Very hardy, forming beautiful clumps of strappy green leaves. The flowers last for only one day, giving the plant its informal name. Don't worry though, there will be a brand new flower on each flower stalk the following morning! Plant along foundations or walkways, in mixed perennial borders and beds or even well drained containers. No. 1 size root.
How to Grow: Bulbs & Perennials - What should my order look like?, Growing Bulbs & Perennial Roots
Light Requirements:
Hardiness Zone:3a - 9b
Bloom Time:Early Summer - Late-Summer
Height:24" - 36"
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1 Root
Pkg of 2
Pkg of 3