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Spring Planting Bulbs & Perennials

Centennial Hops

Centennial has a floral flavour that is evident in many commercial beers. Perfect for Pale Ales and India Pale Ales, with bottomline bitterness and top end aroma. Alpha Acid rating 9.5% - 11.5%. With a recent surge in microbrewing and home brewing, growing Hops has become more of an interest for the home gardener, and luckily they are easy to grow. The 'hop' itself is the seed pod of a vigorous, vining plant. Usually grown on strings, trellises, fences. They'll need some space as they mature. Full sun will produce the best harvest but the vines will grow well in partial shade. As an added bonus, they produce the most incredible smell when in bloom. Can grow 15-25'. Hardy to zone 4. 3" plug.
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Light Requirements:
Hardiness Zone:4a - 4a
Height:15" - 25"
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1 Plug