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Purple Passion Asparagus Roots

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Get a jumpstart on your asparagus production by planting roots! Beautiful purple spears. The unique colour and sweet flavour of this asparagus sets it apart from other varieties. Purple Passion has a sweetness that you will enjoy even if eaten raw. When cooked it turns to a sharp green and has a mild nutty flavor. Grow this variety along with green asparagus and use in garnishing your salad or just make a meal on its own.

We begin shipping Asparagus Roots in approximately mid-late April (depending on weather), commencing with customers located in the higher hardiness zones. For quotes on large quantities, please contact us before March 19th.

How to Grow: Asparagus Roots
Light Requirements:
Item # Description Price Quantity
Package of 6 Roots
Package of 18 Roots
Package of 48 Roots
Package of 96 Roots