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Corn varieties are categorized according to their value of sweetness - ‘Normal Sugary’, ‘Sugary Enhanced’, ‘Synergistic’ and ‘Supersweet’.

Synergistic (SY): This type combines the sweet creamy flavour of the SE types with the higher sugar content and longer harvest window of the SH2 types to produce exceptionally good corn. Each cob contains about 25% SH2 kernels and 75% SE kernels. These synergistic types are much less sensitive to cold soil than SH2 varieties and do not need to be isolated from SE and SU varieties.

Normal Sugary (SU): This is the traditional sweet corn type and contains varying degrees of sugar that convert to starch rapidly after harvest.

Sugary Enhanced (SE): This corn type has higher sugar content than standard sweet corn. Its sweet taste and creamy texture makes SE the type preferred by many growers. Sow 7-10 days later than normal early varieties.

Supersweets (SH2): have a high sugar content creating an extra sweet flavour and crisp texture. Cold soil vigor and emergence is less vigorous then SE or SU typs. To prevent starchy, tough kernels you must isolate supersweets from other corn types to prevent cross pollination.